Machines for production of concrete pipes, manholes and other concrete products by HawkeyePedershaab/BFS

HawkeyePedershaab/BFS is the world leader in providing innovative solutions to manufacturers of concrete pipes, manholes, and other precast products.

From simple stand-alone machines to fully automated plants incorporating the latest in electronics, robotics, and control technology, HawkeyePedershaab/BFS furnishes a total family of solutions. Consider the User We look at concrete production from a unique perspective - our beginnings were as a concrete pipe producer. Those experiences shape every machine we build. We’re dedicated to the principle that successful design anticipates the needs of the user. You’ll find that philosophy throughout our entire product line.

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Leading with Creative Technology We work hard to be the first to put new technology in your plant. We were the first to build automatic factories. The first to build rotary three-station pipe and manhole machines. The first to use rising core vibration technology. The first to build electronic, gearless drive packerhead machines. Our goal is simple – to create innovative and appropriate technology so our users can manufacture the highest quality product with the least possible cost and complication.

Due to the recent merger with BFS our product line now also includes equipment for production of piles, poles for power lines and decorative poles for street lighting, floor and wall tiles, pressure pipes.

Come to the exhibition KazBuild 2018 and get to know the products of HawkeyePedershaab/BFS on 4-6 September in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

To visit the exhibition for free and avoid queues for registration


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