Today, Almaty opened the largest construction exhibitions of Kazakhstan - KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty.

After a long break, on September 7, two major industry exhibitions at once opened their doors at Atakent Exhibition Centre in the usual offline format.

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The year and a half break in exhibitions and conferences has greatly exacerbated the value of communication in a live format, and the great interest of the participants and the uninterrupted flow of visitors has only confirmed the continued growth rate of the construction industry. According to MIIR RK, the construction materials industry accounts for 6% in the manufacturing industry. Nearly 2,000 enterprises in Kazakhstan manufacture construction products, whose number of employees exceeds 29,000, and the growth rate of the construction industry in January-June 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 amounted to 12.5%.

The grand opening of the exhibitions was marked by a VIP tour, the guests of honor were the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Kazakhstan - Milan Kollar, Consul General of Germany in Almaty - Mario Zoos, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Almaty - Mohsen Fagani and President of KAZGOR PA - Aidar Tatygulov.

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The VIP Tour Participants noted the high quality of the expositions and the number of innovative solutions presented in the construction and HVAC industry: Tris Sprayed Polyurethane Insulation, new Costune Façade Panels from CMK, innovative materials for concrete protection and restoration were showcased by permanent exhibitor Penetron, and much more. Much interest was aroused by the smart solutions offered by the exhibitors, including: a unique online interior design service from ISTOK HOME, and Aquatherm Almaty exhibitor Digital Twin, who presented one of their own solutions for preventing and detecting leaks in pipes. A-profile, a Kazakhstan manufacturer, presented a new-generation fence with a service life of over 20 years and rack and pinion suspended ceilings

Exhibitors in 2021 were 231 companies from 15 countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE and Uzbekistan. Traditionally, the National Group from Germany and the collective stands of 29 manufacturers of building and finishing materials from 10 regions of Russia became participants of KazBuild 2021.

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It is noteworthy that, despite Covid restrictions and difficulties in crossing borders, the list of international exhibitors has also expanded. For the first time, six leading Slovak manufacturers are exhibiting their latest achievements and products as part of the national stand at KazBuild. The prospects for cooperation between Kazakhstan and Slovakia are further highlighted by the special status of SARIO Slovak Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, which has become the Official Partner of the KazBuild Exhibition.

Special attention at exhibitions is paid to safety rules and sanitary and epidemiological measures. Inside the pavilions, basic anti-covid rules are observed, including social distancing, use of PPE by exhibitors and visitors, use of antiseptics and disinfectants and cleaning and treatment of stands with disinfectants. The new registration system makes it possible to distribute the flow of visitors by time and thus maintain the recommended number of people in the exhibition hall. Ashyq QR Code Scanning System has become a reliable safety tool, which has made it possible to strictly prevent COVID-19-threatening visitors from entering the exhibition hall.

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On the first day of the exhibitions, visitors to KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty were offered a rich content programme. The seminar room at KazBuild successfully hosted master classes from the Association of Architects and Designers of Kazakhstan, and seminars from the KAZGOR Design Academy on the use of BIM technologies in design companies. Tomorrow, on September 8, the first Conference of the Kazakhstan Builders Union will take place, which will focus on the use of automation and innovative technologies in construction, as well as on the introduction of green technologies and preserving the environment.

Specialists of the HVAC Industry Exhibition Aquatherm Almaty will be interested in visiting the IV Engineering Conference of AVOK (Moscow), which is devoted to “High-tech engineering systems for buildings and facilities”. The conference will commence at 10:00 a.m. on September 8.

Over the years, the major construction exhibitions KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty have become a real focus of attraction for the entire business community of the construction industry, and 2021 is no exception, as the event takes place in a new post-pandemic environment.

The exhibitions will last for two more days, and we are looking forward to seeing construction industry professionals by pre-registering at the event sites!

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