Exhibitors and visitors opinion of KazBuild 2015 and Aqua-Therm Almaty 2015

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Yevgeniy Usmanov, Development Department Director, Magnum Cash / Carry
“This year the show is good. Everything is so ambitious. Everything is at top level. The organizers did well, tried to do the best. The exhibition is a great place for construction companies to get together. We see each other, greet our partners, and get to know new ones. I like everything.”

Shaykh Kamal, Halcon Inversion, manager
“We like your exhibitions. It's like a business place for us. Our company is a big corporation, and we must visit such exhibitions. KazBuild Exhibition is a good platform to build our business here in Kazakhstan, that's why we are visiting your Exhibitions. We like it. Thank you for invitation. "

Larisa Kozlova, Heating and Ventilation Chief Engineer, “Proyektnyi Institut “Proyekt Siti” LLP
“Good afternoon. We visit your KazBuild and AquaTherm exhibitions every year. The exhibition is growing. More foreign companies have appeared. Also you have a new product - Hands-on area. We just need such a platform where we could watch the demonstration of products. It’s an interesting exhibition, just our profile. We’ll come next year.”

Nadezhda Nadezhnova, Chief specialist
"Yes, I agree with my colleague that the exhibition becomes better every year. We like the registration system, the level of organization. It seems that with each passing year it becomes more serious. I wish the prosperity to your company”

Tatyana Antonenko, SHYN, Director
“The branch of SHYN is located in Shymkent. We are engaged in construction and installation. We manufacture steel structures and provide general construction and concrete works. KazBuild exhibition fits well to our company profile. We visit it because it is interesting to know about competitors in the market. But we communicate with our old partners as well. It is very beneficial to gather all of them in one place”

Kaldar Auyezov, Vice President, “Talan Construction” LLP
“We are a dynamic construction company. We are engaged in the construction of multi-storied, residential complexes. KazBuild exhibition is a great opportunity to show ourselves and to make profitable deals. It’s a very useful and fruitful exhibition. We are still a young company, but it does not prevent us to compete with the large and long-established companies. Thank you for the exhibition”

Alexey Morozov, Commercial Director, “Altaymetiz” LLP
“Hello. You organize such a large exhibition, but there is no use of it personally for our company. There is such a heat outside, but you have no drinking water in the pavilions. While we try to find some cafes, time is running out. Why asking for drinking water from the exhibitors, no it’s not good. In general, I think it’s bad organization.

Yevgeniya Uvaliyeva, Director, Fiammata
“Good afternoon. Personally, I visit this exhibition for the first time. Such a big exhibition. I am delighted. All is perfectly organized. We have found companies in every pavilion to exchange contact information. I hope the results will be positive.”

Zhenis Karimov, Director General, “Ideal Treid” LLP
“Oh, we love to visit your exhibitions. We already visit them on purpose, because we know what companies are presented. It means: you come, you see, you make a deal. It is very good to do at the exhibition. Also we see new companies visiting the exhibition. It is mutually beneficial for both of us. Thank you for the opportunity to develop our company”

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