KazBuild 2016 and Aquatherm Almaty 2016 Exhibitions started their work

Today, on September 5 Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca opened the autumn exhibition season in Almaty. The 23rd International Building and Interiors Exhibition KazBuild 2016 and the 9th International Exhibition of Domestic and Industrial Equipment for Heating, Water Supply, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Swimming Pools, Saunas and Spa - Aquatherm Almaty 2016 started their work at “Atakent” KBCC. The exhibitions will last four days and will finish on September 8.

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This year KazBuild Exhibition is attended by 329 companies from 24 countries, and Aquatherm Almaty - 153 participating companies from 14 countries. The national stands are introduced by the countries as Germany, Italy, China, the UAE and South Korea. At Aquatherm Almaty the collective stand of Japan is presented for the first time. This year, the percentage of new participants has significantly increased - more than 180 companies are exhibiting at Kazbuild and 60 - at Aquatherm Almaty.

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The Grand Opening Ceremony of KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty 2016 Exhibitions took place on September 5, at 11:00 across 10 Pavilions of “Atakent” KBCC. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of local executive authority, the Administration of Energy and Construction of Almaty, as well as the representatives of foreign countries - consuls and authorized persons from 12 countries.

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The Local Administration of Almaty was particularly active in the organization of events, which in the framework of the policy of housing and communal services modernization and construction industry development focuses on the use of modern energy-efficient equipment in these spheres. As early as on the first day of Aquatherm Almaty 2016 the agreements and memoranda aimed at enhancing cooperation between the largest companies, public utilities of the city, as well as the contractors, were signed. The agreement for repair works and supply of materials between “Almaty Power Stations” and “ABS-Kurylys Service” amounted to 1.5 bln. tenge was concluded. The contract worth more than 130 mln. tenge was signed between “ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Aktau” and the company “Alvis”. On this very day 11 contracts total more than 2 billion tenge were signed.

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The programs of KazBuild and Aquatherm Almaty are significantly expanded and include specialized master classes, seminars and consultations. Thus, within the framework of KazBuild “Demonstration Zone” was organized for the second time. The division on the themes of the day will allow the guests and participants to choose the product they are interested in according to personal taste. In addition, the visitors and exhibitors for the first time will be able to take part in “"Design Laboratory” - an event aimed at creating interactive interiors, the development of creative thinking, as well as practical work with the materials. The participants will discuss the issues as the emotional solution of interiors, special aspects of choosing land properly to build a house, how to find your interior designer, as well as how to save customer’s money without compromising on the quality of design services.

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“Practical Zone”, held within the framework of Aquatherm Almaty 2016 aimed at solving environmental problems and reducing energy intensity in business operations of companies. The visitors and participants will be able to test equipment in operation, check specifications, get professional advice from the experts of the companies on the issues regarding technology settings, functionality, characteristics of work, to objectively evaluate equipment and attend practical training seminars, presentations and master classes in person.

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During the course of KazBuild 2016 non-stop free consultations of designers and architects are organized for all those who need. Such well-known Kazakhstan designers as Kirill Mulagulov, Dmitriy Tsoi, Ainur Listay, Laura Sharipova and others will tell us about how to effectively use the space and how to create floor plans fitting every taste.

The event is officially supported by the Ministry of Investments and Development of the RK, the Ministry of National Economy of the RK, the Committee for Construction, Housing and Communal Services and Land Management of the RK, the Local Administration of Almaty. The event organisers are Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca and its international partner ITE Group PLC (UK).

Official websites of the exhibitions:: www.kazbuild.kz and www.aquatherm-almaty.kz.

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