Growth Opportunities for the Construction Industry with KazBuild 2018

Kazakhstan International Building & Interiors Exhibition KazBuild 2018, the largest specialized trade show of the industry, will take place in Almaty city at Atakent Exhibition Center from September 4th through September 6th, 2018.

The exhibition is justly considered to be one of the most popular events of the sector since it is an effective platform for all participants to showcase their achievements and latest developments, new products and technologies as well as other trends and tendencies of the industry.
Companies from Belarus, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Uzbekistan and Finland have already confirmed their participation in KazBuild 2018.

Among participants are Cariitti Oy, Baltic Commercial Union, Cicomol S.A., Solin S.A., Ecoclimat, GTH Technodom Germany, Kraftmetiz, Novosibirsk Regional Center for the Development of Industry and Entrepreneurship, Honco, Hawkeye Pedershaab, Poyatos, Ваu Group (The World of Parquet), Beldekoplus, the Center of Exports of Yaroslavskaya region ANSO, Akrolithos S.A., Меса LTD, Numetech Coatings Asia and many others.

The figures below vividly demonstrate the effectiveness and result-oriented nature of KazBuild 2017:

stat 1 KazBuild en Pr

According to the opinion poll, most of the participants consider KazBuild to be a professional hub with the highest concentration of the specialists of the building industry, filled with new products, fresh ideas and progressive knowledge.
It has been also noted by the experts that this event has a significant commercial potential.

stat 3 KazBuild en Pr

The popularity of the exhibition within the sector has been reflected by the number of visitors. According to the international audit, 4710 people have attended findings, in KazBuild 2017, and 4192 of them were specialists of the industry.

stat 2 KazBuild en Pr

Specialized events of KazBuild 2018
• Numerous practical master classes which will be held at the Demo Area
• B2B and B2G meetings;
• Round tables dedicated to the burning issues of the energy-efficient construction development, residential building design and also to the better interaction between the construction companies and their suppliers;
• Consultations from designers and architects;
• The Design Laboratory;
NEW! Retail Center Section will serve as a platform to assist in the direct negotiations between suppliers of the construction materials and trade network representatives and distributors.

The central features of the exhibition are:
• Availability of the buyer programme – expo-tours for specialists of the construction industry, potential customers of the building products from Kazakhstan and other CIS countries;
• Special field visits to the industrial facilities and objects of the large developers (for the participants).

The organizers of the exposition, which is Iteca, a leading Kazakhstan-based exhibition company, point out that KazBuild 2018 is undoubtedly a very effective demonstration venue, but on top of that it is a unique opportunity to present new solutions and developments to potential clients, share experience and study real preferences and needs of the targeted customer audience.

Every year KazBuild receives an active support from the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Almaty City, Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other diplomatic missions.
In the year of 2018, the exhibition has acquired new business partners, namely, KAZGOR Design Academy, Almaty Design Ideas Club and Association of Architects and Designers.

We continue to put together the layout of the exposition area and business program of the event.

September 6th-8th, 2018
42, Timiryazev street, KCBC “Atakent”, Pavilions 9, 9А, 9В, 9С, 10, Almaty
Find out more about the Exhibition and how to join at

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